nonsense (uncountable)

  1. Letters or words, in writing or speech, that have no meaning or seem to have no meaning.
  2. An untrue statement.
    He says that I stole his computer, but that"s just nonsense.
  3. A type of poetry that contains strange or surreal ideas, as, for example, that written by Edward Lear.
  4. (biology) A damaged DNA sequence whose products are not biologically active, that is, that does nothing.


See nonsense
(mostly colloquialisms or slang): balderdash, baloney, bull, bulldust, bunk, codswallop, drivel, gibberish, hogwash, hooey (US), horse hockey, malarkey, manure, poppycock, prattle, rubbish, twaddle
[vulgar slang]: bollocks (British), bullshit, crap, horseshit (US)

8 letters in word "nonsense": E E N N N O S S.

No anagrams for nonsense found in this word list.

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